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Is online therapy effective?

Yes, like any form of therapy, online therapy may not be for everyone, but it is an effective option for most. The key factors to success in therapy are not interpreted by meeting online. 

Online therapy minimizes barriers to accessing therapy. It lessens additional costs associated with therapy like parking, transport, etc. And for those of you who live a nomadic lifestyle, you can continue to receive therapy wherever you are.

People have access to therapists outside of their region. You can select your therapist based on your needs and not just who's physically close to you.

During hypnotherapy you are in a naturally occurring hypnotic, relaxed state. You don't need to be in the therapist's office to do this. In fact, if you feel safe at home, this can help with the effectiveness because the more relaxed you are, the deeper the hypnotic state.

During a session, we would have a code word and a plan  in place to return to a fully awake state once the hypnotherapy has come to a close. 

Online hypnotherapy is safe and all your specific questions can be answered before beginning.

How does online hypnotherapy work?

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