Meet Kate

 A little bit about me...

I love to spend time practicing yoga, learning new skills & modalities for my therapy & coaching practice and traveling to new places -usually somewhere warm and with surf.


My love for nature & animals means I spend as much time as I can outside connecting & observing all of the spectacular wilderness the Sunshine Coast in BC has to offer. It is made even better by the fact that I do so with my husband and 11 year old dog Kingston at my side.


I love to dine out at restaurants and try different foods and flavors. I really got into the habit of eating out after spending nearly two years travelling and living abroad. 


Something many people don't know is that I am really invested in this work because of my own struggles with anxiety and self-doubt. I have struggled with many of the issues I support others through and it definitely heightens my desire to make sure people get what they need out of our work together because I know how hard it is to chronically suffer.

What I do

I am a transformational coach. I help clients expand their capacity for joy & embody their purpose. I use hypnotherapy as a vehicle to do so and I work with folks on all levels - mentally, emotional, physically, & spiritually. I am formally trained as an integrative, clinical counsellor who has extensive experience in supporting folks on their journey to mental wellness. 

Training & Experience

I have a Bachelor of Health Sciences specializing in counseling, a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and additional training in EMDR and hypnotherapy. I have worked in multiple luxury, private, treatment centres for mental health & substance issues in Canada & internationally. I am currently partaking in a year long depth psychotherapy program.

My Mission

Is to help reconnect you with your innate wholeness and wisdom. What I mean is  that I believe you were born wise, whole, and perfect. As a result of conditioning and adverse experiences we  lose touch with those parts of ourself.

That's where I come in, I guide you to restore how you feel about yourself by helping you see that most of our challenges stem from seeking outside of ourselves. I believe, we already have everything we need within us.


Our work lies not in becoming whole, or seeking new knowledge, although you will learn lots, it is about tapping into that which you already have. When we connect to our innate wholeness and wisdom we live authentic, meaningful lives that are true to who we are. 

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Have questions?

Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you within two business days.