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1 to 1 Hypnotherapy Integrated Coaching  

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To say you're overwhelmed would be an understatement 

If you are here, there's a part of you that wonders if the cycle of doubt and self-abandonment that you know all to well is even possible to remove from your life.

Because at the end of the day, anxiety always seems to win. And you feel duped. Cheated. Your limiting beliefs makes you run in circles, spilling your apathy and confusion into every part of your life. 

I'm proud of you for being here. I know how overwhelmingly exhausting it has been trying every mindset tip, advice that you see online only to succumb to the feeling of complete futility. And you say to yourself, "Nothing is working." 

You are deserving of answers. Of healing your issue at the root as safely, effectively and deeply as possible. In this container I've created, I take my clients on a powerful transformative journey to take you out of the cycle that keeps you feeling stuck, anxious and unworthy.

If you are done being the woman who...

  • Feels frustrated holding herself back

  • makes herself sick to her stomach at the first sign of challenge or disagreement

  • letting other peoples words keep you up at night

  • barely moves the needle forward and is finally ready to take a big stride in stepping into alignment of owning your inherent worth & confidence

I'm here to Support you 


My name is Kate and I'm a clinical counsellor, mental health coach, & hypnotherapist. 

I use hypnotherapy as a vehicle to do so and I work with folks on all levels - mentally, emotional, physically, & spiritually. I am formally trained as an integrative, clinical counsellor who has extensive experience in supporting folks on their journey to mental wellness. 

I am here to hold space for you to fill up your emotional container & express your deepest desires & needs.

Are you ready to...


the decisions you make in your life


confident in yourself & your capabilties


have the tools & the ability to respond to intense emotions & stress


 the skills, strategies, practices, and ways of being to help understand yourself and choose to respond to life in a way that makes you feel good.



appreciate & respect the desires that you have


and listen to your intuition and actually act upon it without second guessing yourself


comfortable being vulnerable with other people


limiting beliefs and trusting in your ability to overcome challenges.


to the disowned parts of yourself


How would your life be different if you didn’t feel tongue tied, or have a sinking feeling in your gut each time you even think about taking a chance on yourself? Let's help you tune back into your body, and tap into self-trust so you can feel at peace with yourself.

Imagine being able to...

  • decide what you want for yourself and feel solid in your ability to make it happen with ease

  • release the fear you currently have about creating a life that aligns with your core values

  • be bold enough to make decisions based off your intuition 

  • regulate your nervous system so you can respond rather than emotionally react

  • feel confident in  your ability to pursue your biggest goals

  • feeling worthy of knowing you deserve to dream bigger

  • know that everything is always working out for you

 You are ready to...

  • Shed the outdated coping skills such as compartmentalizing your emotions to the point of numbness and knowing that no longer serves you?

  • Increase your confidence and being able to wake up in the morning being at ease with yourself and even breathing easier with the thought of moving through the with confidence?

  • Feel abundant with your health, wealth, & relationships?

Then the Transform 4 month 1:1 coaching program is for you

I bring expertise in uncovering the limiting beliefs that we hold and the coping mechanisms that we instill to protect ourselves from the pain and the fear of rejection and failure. Transforming is not always comfortable but when you work with me, you are safe to go through your discomfort as we move through and shift you into an integrated state so that your life feels as good as it sounds on paper.


In this program you will...

  •  Learn how to diminish anxiety & worry, like you're able to sing karaoke without a care in the world and feel darn good about it.

  • Use somatic psychotherapy to learn how to regulate your nervous system so you learn to respond to situations rather than react.

  • Learn how to respond differently to limiting beliefs by using hypnosis to reprogram beliefs stored in your subconscious

  • Learn practices that support your mental health so you can show up fully to your life 

  • Connect to your highest self

  • Make decisions based on what you want, not what you think you can get

  • Learn to respond to life rather than react

  • Expand your ability to sit with intense emotions so they can be released 

  • Connect to your own natural rhythm, making it easy to feel at ease most of the time 

  • Expand your awareness of  your true values, desires, personality

  • Develop a toolbox of resources to respond to worry & other mental health challenges

  • Access a skilled guide who will help you navigate the changes you seek

  • Experience being fully seen & heard all while learning practices & skills that will help serve you in all areas of your life.

  • Experience the joys of having someone hold you accountable & remind you of your true capabilities (they’re so much more than you think)

Here’s what you get…

8 Bi-weekly 90 minute calls 

Live and recorded hypnosis to help shift & integrate the new beliefs and goals you choose for yourself

A customized welcome package so you feel ready and worthy of this transformation

Immediate access to recorded hypnosis Library so you can drop in when ever you feel these cycles restarting

Ongoing support between calls via Voxer

to guide you as you break these cycles

You are ready to be your best self and create a life that feels good on every level.

This is perfect for:

  • Women looking to make expansive change 

  • Women in their 20-30’s looking for a place to be supported, seen, and encouraged.

  • Women who want to invest in their wellbeing in a way that helps them prioritize their mental health while expanding their wellbeing in wealth, health, and relationships

  • Women who feel like they are being held back by anxiety & self-doubt

  • Women who are done playing small

  • Women who have been taking small steps and are ready to take a leap

You are the hero in your story
and I'm here to guide you 
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