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Live your life with ease.

You can feel stronger, content, & confident

Relieve anxiety, stress, & worries. Go beyond symptom management.
Be empowered to take action

  Deeper, lifelong healing

Hi, I'm Kate

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If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, I’m here to help.

I support clients in Canada experiencing traumaanxiety, stress, shame, self-sabotage, PTSD, and more.

If you’ve done the work but still find yourself struggling, I’m here to help you make deeper progress that will allow you to live a life beyond symptom management. Progress that is reflected in the way you think, feel, act, & the quality of your relationships.

Working together, I will work with you to build a real, trusting relationship, where you can feel safe to confront uncomfortable experiences and emotions.

My goal for therapy is to enable you to feel stronger, better, and more at ease. You can feel more connected to your life and less stressed or triggered by your everyday experiences.

Please get in touch to get started with a free consultation.

"Kate is a very skilled clinician in her ability to hold secure space for clients while being attuned and compassionate. Kate facilitates wonderful hypnosis sessions that are initiated with foundational knowledge and beautifully paced interventions."

Based in Canada, Kate Bandmann, RCC & CCC, provides online therapy to residents of British Columbia & Alberta

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