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Group Hypnotherapy


Increase your confidence

Reduce your stress

Enhance your self trust

Expand your comfort zone

End cycles & patterns that no longer serve you

Get to know & feel comfortable being your authentic self


1 hour each week for 6 weeks
6 hypnotherapy sessions
1 initial 1 hour 1-1 call with me
Collective community support

Online Via zoom


Dates are TBD

Click the link below to register your interest


You will receive access to custom videos, worksheets, & information to support you beyond this program.​

Price: $550

Early bird: People who pre-enroll or sign up within the first 7 days: $475
*Signing up early makes it easier for me to prep. If it benefits me, I want it to benefit you too.
Payment plans will be available: ie. make two payments
All payments must be made before the program ends

Who is this for:

Everyone is welcome.
People who feel like they have a lot of awareness & knowledge but struggle to put it into practice.
People who feel like they are doing the right “things” but not finding the meaning they thought they would.
People who are taking action on their goals but want to decrease the amount of stress that comes with doing so.

Who this is not for:
This is not supplemental to individual therapy but can be used in conjunction or to better support changes you are trying to make.

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