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6 Week group coaching program

 Your'e the life of the party....
Don't let Anxiety keep you in the corner

Anxiety is like that friend who, no matter the circumstances finds a way to complain 

We've all met them, the person who seems to not know how to engage in a conversation without it containing a complaint, criticism, or gossip.


It's exhausting to be around and even though they won't tell you, it's exhausting for them too. And it's not because they're a negative or toxic person. It's more likely because anxiety is running the show.


And, let's be real. I have been that friend. That wife. That colleague.

Anxiety doesn't just make us shy and withdrawn. It can make us negative, defensive, and seemingly hard to please (because anxiety puts us in a perpetual loop of wanting more).

When we create space and time to rediscover and lean into our strengths, we begin our journey moving away from overwhelming anxiety.

Receive the attention you need to reconnect with your strength......


About Kate

Anxiety is something I manage within myself everyday and I know how hard and debilitating it is without the right tools and techniques. With more than 10 years in the mental health space and as a clinical counsellor and hypnotherapist Anxiety is something I specialize in. I'm here to be your guide through this transformation. 

You can be the life of the party. Don't let anxiety put you in a corner.

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Live a life without being overwhelmed  by Anxiety

Program Overview

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Week 1

Future processing

& Connecting


We need to know where we are going, we need to feel it in our body. This way, we can feel anchored and we can recognise where our stress comes from.


You will feel relief, you will know that you are supported. You will be able to adjust your anxiety on a deep level. You will feel connected, safe and secure.

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Week 3

Tools & resources


Learn the theories and tools for anxiety:

Somatic psychotherapy





You will develop skills, manage and reduce anxiety in the moment. You will increase your ability and your capacity to diminish anxiety.

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Week 5 

Updating our stories - anxiety is no longer a personality trait


Write out the next chapter of their story, how anxiety fits into their story. Externalizing, characterizing the anxiety. The anxiety use to be the main character.


Feel confident and clear on the adaptive role anxiety will play in your life. Claim your power. 

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Week 2

Understanding anxiety and our relationship to it


How is your anxiety is showing up? People don't realize how reaching it can go. See how it's impacting your life.


You're now in a position to do something about it. Removing shame - by hearing the education around it, normalizing it. You may feel like it's a unique situation but someone else might also be going through it.

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Week 4

Hypnosis and share


Really connect to the non-anxious parts of you, learn how to access that point more and more often, connect with inner guidance, receive insight to remove/relieve the anxiety - In the hypnotic state, you can actually shift versus just talking about it in conversation.


Experience the power of being witnessed, correcting experiences and deepening insights within community

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Week 6

Closing Ceremony, Reflection


Celebrate your progress. Release old ways of being. Plan and prep for future


Feel confident and proud. Relish in your new found ease and community!

What's Included

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  • Private client portal on notion.

  • Weekly 75 minute Group Coaching calls.

  • Pre recorded hypnosis to immediately release stress and deepen the experience of the live hypnosis during the group calls.

  • Personalized Resources and homework

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Cream And Green Abstract Testimonial Instagram Story.png
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If you want to experience true transformation in your life, then this program is for you.

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per person

Maximum of 8 people


Q: What if I miss a group call?

No problem, all the group calls can be recorded and you can view them at your connivence. It is recommended that you attend the calls live.

Q: What will the group size be? and will I have enough time to share?

The groups will be limited to 8 spots. This will keep it at a perfect size where we will have a big enough group to feel supported, but a small enough group to be heard.

Do you prefer to work 1-on-1?

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